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67% of Millennials shop online and spend about 6 hours per week online. We specialise in making yours stand out.

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There are 1.8 billion websites in the world – we are specialists in making yours stand out.

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55% of baby boomers shop online monthly, ensure you have the tools required to attract and convert your ideal audience.

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More than just a digital agency based in Sydney, we go far beyond being a third party that you can engage to achieve your goals. We take pride in our ability to integrate with your team, driving growth and delivering real and measurable turbocharged results.

Digital Strategy

We deliver fully integrated digital strategies that provide your business with a powerful online presence. We specialise in developing key digital goals and objectives within B2B and B2C spaces delivering results efficiently and effectively, turning your success into bluechip success.

Web and App Development

We help you bring your website and app ideas to live from concept development, design, coding and publishing them. Our approach is user-centric and we optimise your site to convert and reach your goals.

Digital Advertising

Content might be king but distribution is queen. We pride ourselves on leveraging data to deliver incredible content to the perfect audience for your industry. We are masters of our craft and have proven results through delivering massive ROI and transforming business’ digitally.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major buzzword at the moment and all we can think about here at Blue Chip Digital, is 'The Terminator’ (ok maybe thats a little bit extreme). Hollywood has done a great job of convincing us that the progression and development of AI...

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Instagram Product Tagging

Last month Instagram rolled out one of their most significant updates to date - the ability to tag products in your images.   With Facebook Zero destroying organic reach on Facebook in January 2018, Instagram has stepped up and is taking the crown as the B2C...

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A Guide to Facebook Zero – 2018 Algorithm changes

Introduction To Facebook Zero Digital marketers and business’ across the globe have been swept by the tsunami that is *que dramatic music* Facebook Zero! What is Facebook Zero? Facebook Zero is an algorithm change/initiative rolled out by Facebook in 2012 that...

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